Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

  • Dubai , UAE


A few wonders in the world defy even the wildest imagination. They weren't just considered unthinkable but also deemed practically impossible. Dubai, however, has shattered these preconceptions. One such extraordinary marvel is the Dubai Mall Aquarium, famously known as the Dubai Aquarium.

Explore the aquatic realm inhabited by various fascinating creatures, including a 40-year-old giant crocodile weighing 750 kg, pelagic fish, piranhas, penguins, lizards, snakes, sharks, and a plethora of incredible species. With us, you can also enjoy a 180-degree Aquarium tunnel, an Underwater zoo, a guided Behind-the-Scenes tour, an Underwater observatory, and more, depending on the chosen package. Experience the Submersible Simulator, which takes guests on a virtual adventure among dugongs, whale sharks, and other sea creatures. Enjoy the Big Screen Theatre, a film showcasing how efficiently the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo team cares for over 3,000 daily visitors. Additionally, embark on the Aquarium Glass Bottom Boat, where you can watch thousands of animals swim beneath your feet. Regardless of your chosen options, the entire journey through the Dubai Aquarium, tunnel, and underwater zoo promises to be inspirational, absorbing, and thoroughly exciting in every aspect.


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