Glow Garden

  • Dubai , UAE


Dubai Glow Garden at Zabeel Park stands as the most distinctive and largest theme park of its kind, an embodiment of exquisite artistry! This sprawling garden undergoes a magnificent transformation with a new theme in every season, offering visitors the chance to behold marvels crafted from biodegradable materials within its mesmerizing Glow Park. Embark on a journey to this remarkable destination, where you can immerse yourself in family fun, entertainment, and a valuable educational experience.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting transformation from 'Art by Day' to 'Glow by Night,' as you marvel at the extraordinary creations masterminded by gifted artists. Dubai Glow Garden proudly showcases thousands of stunning eco-friendly art installations crafted by over 500 talented artisans from around the globe. Within its boundaries, you'll discover numerous themed sections, aglow with millions of energy-efficient LED lights, and adorned with captivating reproductions of an array of subjects, from wildlife and marine creatures to blossoms, trees, and avian wonders. For a more immersive experience, wander through the glowing tunnels of Glow Park and savor its numerous irresistible highlights, including the Talking Tree, Happy Forest, Happiness Street, and My Dubai.

Additionally, be sure to explore the latest additions, such as the awe-inspiring Magic Park, which dazzles with mind-bending optical illusions presented through extraordinary 3D art installations. Art Park, another captivating section, showcases a wealth of vibrant displays meticulously crafted from over 500,000 recyclable materials. And if these offerings leave you wanting more, the Glow Park hosts live performances by international and regional artists and acrobats, complemented by several mesmerizing shows, including the Colorful World light and laser show and the enchanting Magical Nights.

While your ticket grants you access to Glow Park, Magic Park, and Art Park, you can elevate your Dubai Glow Garden experience by upgrading to tickets that grant entry to other main attractions within the park. Explore the region's first-of-its-kind Dinosaur Park or step into the Ice Park, which recreates the frigid ambiance of the Arctic with over 5,000 tons of ice.


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