Yacht Rental

  • Dubai , UAE


The Luxury Yacht is the perfect choice for those seeking an exclusive and crowd-free way to experience Dubai. With its luxurious amenities and breathtaking surroundings, this extraordinary cruise offers a stress-free day on the vibrant waters of Dubai. Immerse yourself in world-class comforts while enjoying the excitement and joy of yachting in Dubai. The specific attractions covered will vary depending on the chosen rental duration. Whether you're looking for sightseeing or an unforgettable picnic on the water, this exclusive charter allows you to personally experience the adventure and pleasure of yachting in Dubai. We exclusively feature premium yachts and sailing vessels, ensuring you enjoy unparalleled luxury and relaxation during your voyage.

We offer yacht charter options that allow you to tailor your own cruise itinerary for groups ranging from 8 to 22 people. Whether you aim to impress out-of-town clients or celebrate a special occasion in an intimate setting, we ensure a flawless yacht experience in Dubai. With all necessary equipment and life jackets provided, you can engage in various activities, including fishing and snorkeling, at a leisurely pace in a completely safe environment. The specific attractions covered will be determined by the chosen rental duration and prevailing weather conditions.


Return Policy

Apply for refund 24 hours prior